Freight damage does not generally fall under the concealed damage category as it assumes that the customer has inspected the item for freight related damages before they released the driver. When they sign for an item clear (as in this case), they release the carrier from any financial responsibility in regards to freight damage and they remove a shippers ability to file a successful claim.


Industry standard is that if an item is signed for clear (no damage noted) and the driver released, the carrier and shipper are no longer responsible for any freight related damage to the piece. It is understood that the receiver has stated that this item is acceptable and they are assuming responsibility for the piece. Due to your receivers policies in receiving items, the burden falls to other parties to absorb expenses for freight damage. Unfortunately, Oly cannot accept responsibility for damages that are freight related once a receiver releases the carrier and did not note the delivery receipt accordingly.


Immediately Upon Delivery:


1. Verify the number of cartons


2. Open, unpack and thoroughly inspect your shipment for any damage.


3. If damage or shortages are discovered, you must make a notation on all copies of the freight bill describing the damage or shortage in detail.


4. It is your right to refuse any shipment that shows signs of damage or shortage at the time of delivery.


5. Upon signing, you - or any individual assuming responsibility for the shipment by signing the delivery receipt - are acknowledging that the shipment was received in good condition and without damage or shortage. This signature transfers liability from the carrier to you.


6. If the driver demands to leave before all portions of your shipment have been inspected, note on the delivery receipt (near your signature) that the driver would not allow for inspection.


If Concealed Damage is Discovered:


1. Save all shipping cartons and packing materials.


2. Immediately request an inspection by the carrier and file a freight claim. (Some carriers restrict this time period to as few as 3 days.)


3. Notify Oly immediately and send photos of the damage to with detailed information and the Sales order or Invoice number for claim processing.


If packing materials are not saved, your opportunity to recover damages will be restricted. Failure to follow any of the above mentioned guidelines will also restrict your ability to return merchandise or file a claim for damages.


You have the right and the responsibility to carefully inspect your product prior to accepting it. Though the driver may be in a hurry, he is obligated to allow you an opportunity to inspect your purchase. Your signature indicates that you have inspected your order and received it in satisfactory condition. Any damage reported after signing the delivery receipt may be deemed damaged in your possession. Your signature on the delivery receipt is legally binding and may be used by the freight company to reject any damage claims.