Jonathan Bench

Iron Frame w/ Tufted Cushion
*not available in raffia or hides

48"W x 16"D x 17.5"H


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  • Remodeling and Home Design
Upholstery Options
  • Muslin
  • Sand Dollar
    Sand Dollar
  • Birch Woven
    Birch Woven
  • Eucalyptus Woven
    Eucalyptus Woven
  • Oak Woven
    Oak Woven
  • Walnut Woven
    Walnut Woven
  • Feather
  • Hemp Wool
    Hemp Wool
  • Silvery Moon
    Silvery Moon
  • Stone Chevron
    Stone Chevron
  • Blush Linen
    Blush Linen
  • Fog Linen
    Fog Linen
  • Dusk
  • Quaker
  • COM
  • Black Patent Leather
    Black Patent Leather
  • Bleu Leather
    Bleu Leather
  • Cloud Leather
    Cloud Leather
  • Ivory Leather
    Ivory Leather
  • Kona Leather
    Kona Leather
  • Puddle Leather
    Puddle Leather
  • Rain Leather
    Rain Leather
  • Shadow Leather
    Shadow Leather
  • Thunder Leather
    Thunder Leather
  • White Leather
    White Leather
  • Tiger Lily Suede
    Tiger Lily Suede
  • Nocturne
  • Tuffet
  • Bronze Leather
    Bronze Leather
  • Coffee Leather
    Coffee Leather
  • Dove Leather
    Dove Leather
  • Dragon Leather
    Dragon Leather
  • Persimmon Leather
    Persimmon Leather
  • Quail Leather
    Quail Leather
  • Slate Leather
    Slate Leather
  • Amber Mohair
    Amber Mohair
  • Bluebird Mohair
    Bluebird Mohair
  • Chocolate Mohair
    Chocolate Mohair
  • Creme Mohair
    Creme Mohair
  • Gold Mohair
    Gold Mohair
  • Hickory Mohair
    Hickory Mohair
  • Ivory Mohair
    Ivory Mohair
  • Lilypad Mohair
    Lilypad Mohair
  • Marine Mohair
    Marine Mohair
  • Pebble Mohair
    Pebble Mohair
  • Platinum Mohair
    Platinum Mohair
  • Plum Mohair
    Plum Mohair
  • Toffee Mohair
    Toffee Mohair
Finish Option
smallSimple Tufted Bench
bigSimple Tufted Bench

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  • Simple Tufted Bench

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